House Rules

No headbands in bed.
You can’t just eat the croutons, you have to eat the salad too.
You can’t just show up.
If you’re a girl,don’t take your shirt off in real life, except if you’re Evelyn.
Don’t throw the mulch up the sliding board.
You can’t eat the dog food unless you’re the dog.
Never put matchbox cars in the toilet.
Do not stick your fingers into the turtle pen.
Do not write on yourself with markers. No writing on others with markers.
Always put the ladder up when you are finished swimming in the pool.
Do not eat the mulch.
Do not feed M+Ms to the dog.
No crying in baseball.
No licking your plate.
No licking your sister or brother’s plate.
No licking the water ice from the steps at Citizens’ Bank Park or from any steps for that matter.
No saying damn it unless you are Pepere.
Be kind.
No peeing in the pool.
No BabyRuths in the pool.
Don’t answer the door when mom’s in the shower.
Disregard previous rule, mom never has time to get in the shower.
Talk about your feelings.
No diving into pool.
Be honest.
Snitches get stitches.
Love one another!

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