Auto-Correct, Where Are You?


Our eight year old daughter, Rosey, loves to sneak my phone and send texts. Usually, they go to a family member. Most often they are gibberish mixed with emojis. Tonight, however, one of her texts went to a number I didn’t recognize. The content of her text was “A..s on your face.”  The return text inquired, “Who is this!?”  I quickly realized it was the lady from whom I’d purchased an antique typewriter on Craigslist. I immediately sent her an apology about Rosey and explained about her special needs. She answered that she herself is a Special Ed teacher and perhaps Rosey was connecting with an energy  they both shared. You bet your a..s! To me it was just a silly covfefe.  Sometimes, I think our world could use one universal auto-correct. Enjoy!

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